Parents of children starting fourth grade in Malbork in September can add swimming trunks, hats and slippers to the school’s shopping list. It is now certain that students will learn to swim in their lesson plans. What will there be additional activities at Malbork Primary Schools?

This is good news for that Returns swimming lesson For primary school students in Malbork. There were some problems with that, because the pool first High School Complex No. 4 It was under renovation, later the city authorities announced a tightening of the belt. Finally, the future coronavirus pandemic and limited sports facilities are available.

In the second half of the holiday, when asked about us by the Malbork host about financing activities at the pool, he makes an unequivocal statement.

We want the fourth grade to start swimming lessons. We’ll see when that will be possible, because there are slight shifts with the work in the pond. But we have guaranteed funds in the budget for this and we want children to benefit from such activities – hear from Marek Charzewski, Mayor of Malbork.

These lessons are a unique benefit because children learn to behave in the water and with the acquired skills they will be safer. They also earn, among other things, tired silhouettes and spines from long sitting in front of computers. There are many advantages to swimming pool lessons.
That is why it is worth paying hundreds of thousands of zlotys annually for it. The last bill before the complex’s renewal, which had to be covered through the municipal cash register, was 270 thousand zlotys. You had to add to that 58 thousand zlotys to transfer students. Now costs will probably increase a little, because these are the old prices, from 2018 swimming lessons in schools have been suspended.

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Is this the only class students can count on as of September? For some time now, Malbork has been talking about the need to reduce spending on education. The discounts relate to the additional offer for children and youth, which will develop talents and skills. But the host assures that apart from the schedule, students can also choose from additional activities.

School budgets include funds for certain classes, and there are also so-called principal hours, so there are classes other than those resulting only from the core curriculum – Marek Charzowski guarantees.

Institutions at Malbork will support students who have experienced distance learning. Funds for this purpose in the amount of 187 million PLN must run Ministry of Education and Science.

This is called the black bean. All our schools expressed their interest and submitted the necessary documents to the Ministry on an ongoing basis. It is located around Remedial teaching. When students return to schools from September, such classes will be held – announced the mayor of Charzewski.

Support activities should be directed at students in grades four through eight of primary school. It must be held only in school and volunteers. What topics should be regulated, he determines himself School Manager In consultation with teachers.

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