The Green Bench is a nationwide, pro-community grant project aimed at residents of open residential areas (run by cooperatives and communities) in cities with populations of over 10,000. population. This year it is held for the seventh time! The project aims to enable the transformation of neglected areas in residential complexes into green corners and small gardens with benches, and for those who wish, they should also be the subject of partial retention. This will revive the places around the blocks, create a space for relaxation and meetings, while simultaneously stopping water loss. All you need is a desire and a good idea.

The maximum value of the in-kind grant is 1950 PLN. The grant includes: co-financing for the purchase of plant material, substrate and other items for arranging small gardens: no small holding facilities – up to a maximum of 1,200 PLN; Together with facilities for precise disappearance – a maximum of 1,500 PLN; Garden bench – value PLN 450; The maximum amount of funding a team can apply for is 1,500 PLN. The organizer reserves the right to transfer an amount less than the required amount. The amount will be determined according to the number of points awarded by the judges.

Who can apply? Competition teams are groups of neighbors who want to improve the look of their surroundings. The team should consist of at least 5 people, but their number may increase gradually, as the participants can involve other neighbors in the work. The team is led by a leader who maintains contact with the updating district administration and the competition organizer. The contest page contains lots of tips and inspiration as well as interesting links and articles. In addition, the contest website has step-by-step tips on how to complete the contest tasks. Take a look at the business plan.

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Simply register your team and submit your project by June 6, 2021. All teams submitting a project will be able to benefit from consulting with a landscape architect who will advise on the best way to manage the space.

Project objective: greening residential complexes accessible to the public; Prevent water loss; Building neighborhood relationships by creating small gardens around buildings that will be a space for establishing relationships between members of a particular community.

Registration is until June 6, 2021. Grants awarded are announced by June 30, 2021. Landscape Architect Consultation provided with Landscape Architect July – August 2021. Sign donation agreements and grant grants for project implementation July – August 2021. Submit project implementation reports by September 30, 2021 Details: Ochrony Grodiska Bank Foundation, ul. elazna 32, 00-832 Warsaw, email :,