Tension between Russia and Ukraine is escalating. Other European Union countries, which want to pressure the Kremlin authorities, joined the dispute.

The Pope responds to Ukraine. ‘Armistice violations’

Pope Francis also spoke about the growing conflict in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. The Holy Father appealed to the conflicting parties on Sunday during a noon meeting at Regina Cooley’s prayer.

I follow with concern events in some regions of eastern Ukraine, where ceasefire violations have multiplied in recent months. I watch with concern the intensification of military activity – said Pope Francis from the window of the Apostolic Palace.

Poland expelled the Russians. “This is a failure of Polish counter-intelligence.”

The Pope called on the faithful to pray for Ukraine, and also called on the authorities in Kiev and the Kremlin to reconcile and take into account the fate of the civilian population.

The Pope defends Ukraine. Russia calls for reconciliation

I strongly call for avoiding escalation of tensions, and on the contrary, gestures are taken that would support mutual trust and promote reconciliation and peace, which is something much needed and desirable – the Holy Father emphasized.

Pope Francis added, “We hope that we are concerned about the grave humanitarian situation in which this nation has found itself, and to which I express my closeness.”

Ukraine versus Russia. Conflict escalated

The escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for several weeks. Russian forces and separatists continue to mobilize in Donbas. According to the media, military shelters are being built and the hospital bed base is expanding.

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At the same time, politicians expressed their common concern about Russian military activity and called for the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border.