The cover of Dziennik Zachodni was awarded in the United States by the jury of the competition for the best print news design. The Statue of Liberty cuts the fringes of Donald Trump’s signature with a lawn mower. This is a pictorial commentary on the results of the US elections in 2020, which Joe Biden won. – Simple, brilliant and original – evaluated. Its author is Tomasz Bocheński, graphic artist Polska Press.

Awarded Dziennik Zachodni’s cover in the USA

Good news arrived on Saturday, April 17th, from across the Atlantic, when the results of the 48th edition of the Best Print News Design competition were announced. The cover of “Dziennik Zachodni” from November 9, 2020 won second prize in its category.

– The illustration is very simple and elegant, and at the same time very original – said the jury of the competition.

The author of this and many other excellent “DZ” covers is Irreplaceable Tomasz Buchinsky, Artistic Director of Polska Press Grupa, a press graphic artist awarded multiple times around the world. Bocheński is an award winner of the prestigious European Newspaper Award. He has been creating and creating graphic designs for newspapers, prints, books, and other graphic designs for more than twelve years.

You should absolutely see this

Americans, unsurprisingly, appreciated the drawing referring to the situation in the United States, and more specifically to the results of the then-unofficial second round of the presidential election, in which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump.

The following months showed that it was not an easy task. It all ended in a storm of scandal by Trump supporters at the United States Capitol, but in the end she won – Democracy.

DZ “obok” The Washington Post, “The New York Times”, “Die Zeit”

The Washington Post cover featuring Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who presided over the US Supreme Court from 1993 to 2020, received a similar award in the same category. She passed away in 2020 after 11 years of fighting cancer. She was 87 years old.

– This site is everything RBG has been around: iconic, powerful and recognizable – says the jury.

The competition also awarded, among other things, “The New York Times” and “Die Zeit,” although non-English media are exceptions among those awarded by the News Design Association chapter.

Don’t lose sight of it

SND has been in operation since 1979, organizing, among other things, a competition for the best print news design. It is an organization that connects people who mainly deal with graphic design in the media. Of course, it comes from print journalism, which is why it was previously called the Newspaper Design Association, but nowadays it also focuses on internet and multimedia projects.

It’s worth noting here that in December 2020, two DZ covers were among the best in Europe. In the prestigious Press Design Competition, the European Newspaper Award DZ appeared among the winners as one of four Polish titles. The first cover awarded is the one after Iga wiątek’s victory in the French Open (12 October 2020), and the second was about Pandemic (15 May 2020). The author of both covers is also Thomas Buchinsky.

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