Show future games It is an event organized by GamesRadar +, the first edition of which was held a year ago. On March 25, he will return in a release called Spring Showcase. The organizers informed that during the event we will be able to watch more than 40 games from 30 different publishers. Some of them will be announcements of hitherto unknown surnames. Among them there will be production, incl. From EA, Warner Bros. Games and Team 17.

The event will host Jeff Sheen and Nicole Tompkins, the stars of the remake Resident Evil 3. Sheen was very excited about the upcoming conference.

I can’t wait to work with Nicole and meet our team again. We are both pro gamers, so the opportunity to host a futuristic game fair is very exciting. I tried to get to know the squad, but I didn’t have much luck. But from what I’ve been told so far, it’s going to be a really, really cool party.

It is indeed a tradition for the show of future games to be triggered by duos associated with specific games. In previous versions, it was Nolan North and Emily Rose (Unknown(David Hayter and Debbie Mae West)Lime solid mineral).

The conference will be broadcasted from 22:45 on the website GamesRadar +And the ToizhouAnd the The social networking site Facebook And on the site Youtube. The Spring Show will be one of three Future Games showcase events this year. The following meetings are scheduled for June and August. It is not yet known what attractions will be prepared for these upcoming releases. Nevertheless, it is clear that the internet event is evolving, which has certainly been helped by the ongoing epidemic.