As I mentioned “Washington Post”It is the third earthquake in eight hours to hit New Zealand. The first two had a strength of 7.3 and 7.4, respectively. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said waves can reach heights of three meters and more.

New Zealand earthquakes

Already before 4:00 PM Polish time on the Northeast Coast of New Zealand, a tsunami warning was issued, which could be caused by an earthquake. A shock of magnitude 7.2 struck the Pacific Ocean, and about 60,000 people felt it.

Authorities advise coastal residents to immediately leave their homes and move to the heights. Tsunami waves are possible 300 km from the epicenter. The danger areas are the eastern coast of North Island from Cape Runaway to Tolaga Bay. Strong currents are expected in other coastal areas.

“Anyone near the coast and feeling a long or severe earthquake should move inland immediately,” wrote the local crisis management agency. She urged to stay away from the beaches and coastal areas.

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