Tadeusz Turkowski, poet and former actor of the Hybrydy Warsaw Theater, died in Trenton, New Jersey. From 1973 he lived in the United States. He was 83 years old.

Ryszard Druch, the creator of Odlot w Trenton Cabaret, on which Turkowski has submitted for several years, reported the PAP of the artist’s death Tuesday. He has been described as a great reciter and promoter of great Polish poetry, including Norweed, Lemian, Lishoy and Tuim.

Departure’s founder noted that Turkowski has participated in the annual Midsummer Cabaret Nights at Viva Dance Studio in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. He also sang in “Art Salons” presented at the Druch Studio Gallery in Trenton.

Drosh asserted that, as a history teacher, he was fascinated by Torkovsky’s stories about the Polish cabaret, and especially about the Hybryds. He portrayed the actor as a helpful man who was always ready to help others. He called himself “Yes, Man” (the man who always says yes). The artist passed away in Trenton last week.

The Director of the Polish Theater Institute (PIT) in New York, Isabella Laskowska, met Torkovsky several years ago during an “Artistic Ross” plein air in Sparta, New Jersey. Regardless of the large audience, the event brought together many artists including the theater.

“Leśmian has read in a way that makes me very impressed to this day. He had a great voice, recitation and expression. Perhaps Leśmian himself would not be able to do that. You must have a great workshop highlighting this rich poetry in + the miracles of word formation +. A true phenomenon. – Laskowska told PAP

She noted that Turkovsky was always imaginatively prepared, focused and had great respect for the audience. He recited like a great artist.

“He demanded focus from the listener. He spoke clearly, drew his attention to the viewer, and was able to maintain his attention. He represented an old and wonderful school of recitation, far removed from gargoyle and theatrical fun, indifference and so-called cinema. Acting. The poem requires something else. I am glad that we are! As theater, we managed to hold it in our arms before leaving, ” Laskowska emphasized.

According to the information sent to PAP, Turkovsky graduated from Warsaw University of Technology. As an actor, he has performed, among others, with Jan Petrachk, Wojciech Młynarski and Piotr Fronczewski. In the years 1968-1973 he was the head of the Hybrydy Theater.

Andrzej Dobrowolski from New York