American knives, allowed 15 years ago, Crime Fiction Friday – 5 pm Famed crime writer Harlan Trumbley was found dead in his home the day after his 85th birthday. The investigation is as neat as curious detective Benoit Blanc. The day before the Trombelly Fatal Coming Down, there was a big celebration at his home in which his somewhat special family participated. Detective Planck suspects everyone, including the deceased’s most faithful servant. With determination and skill, he penetrates a web of family dependencies, envy, mutual accusations, and financial expectations. Everyone has a subject here, as in a family. There was no shortage of opportunity during the birthday of the family head, but there could be only one culprit. Trapped in a stately mansion and succumbing to Blanc’s unconventional investigative methods, Trumbley’s relatives are forced into a lethal game, the outcome of which will remain a mystery until the last minute. Co-stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Don Johnson.

‘Polish fairy tales’, Poland, without borders, animation, Saturday – 11:30 am.

“Shaun the Sheep. Farmagedon” France / Great Britain, Unlimited, dubbing, animation, Sat – 12:15. The rebellious Aries Sean, wanting to get into trouble, decided to take advantage of his host’s absence to go on a trip to town. A completely unexplored expedition in the company of the Bitzer dog and other friends from the farm will be full of all kinds of adventures and dangers that await in the city for animals that do not know the world.

“Silence” Japan / Mexico / USA / Great Britain, allowed from 15 years, historical drama, Saturday – 5 pm 17th century. Two young Jesuits travel thousands of kilometers to reach Japan secretly, where a fierce war against Christianity is fought. Missionaries are looking for their teacher – a priest famous for his bravery, who is rumored to have renounced the Catholic faith and became a Buddhist monk. What they experience will put their survival skills, as well as everything they believe in, to the toughest test. The film stars Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver.

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