5G networks will not only provide faster data transmission, but also the ability to make calls in the Voice over 5G standard. Although many operators are testing this solution, it is only now that they have made it the first of them commercially available.

5G networks have already been implemented all over the world, and their users can count on faster and faster data transfers. The future of the new standard also entails drivability Phone calls via Voice over 5G (Vo5G, VoNR), just like we use VoLTE today.

Voice over 5G tests are already conducted by many operators, including Deutsche Telekom with T-Mobile PolskaHowever, now only one of the connections Offer this service commercially. She was the first in the world to do that Zain Group in Kuwait.

Zain is one of the largest operators in the Middle East It operates in eight countries That region, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In Kuwait, customers of this network will be able to use Voice over 5G across the country. The operator is expanding the 5G network into an independent standard SA and at frequencies of 3.5 GHz from 2019 and gave very high coverage during that period.

5G calls are activated by network customers Automatically and at no additional cost. However, the problem is that only smartphone users of the line will benefit from this new product Samsung Galaxy S22Because they are just adapted to it at the moment. However, Zain announced that it will soon expand the availability of this feature to other models.

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The operator commends that thanks to Vo5G, network users will be able to Have “crystal clear” conversations Phone calls while using With high speed data transmission over 5Geg for video streaming or demanding network applications.

The future of Voice over 5G is not only high call quality – other services are provided for this solution: advanced interactive calls, smart call forwarding and virtual phone exchanges using artificial intelligence. Vo5G will also let you drive Immersive video conferencing through technology augmented reality or virtual.

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Image source: Zain

Text source: Zen