The Americans have started 2022 very quietly, but it’s time to get a few aces and show off the projects being developed by more than 20 teams from Phil Spencer. Will you watch the presentation? We invite you to enjoy together.

We saw a lot of interesting games at the Xbox Game Show and Bethesda last year, and today’s event will be the same. Microsoft has confirmed that it intends to show a lot of titles and we can be sure of one thing – most games will go to Xbox Game Pass. Americans make no secret that they are so focused on this service that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

However, today we can witness an important day for fans of Microsoft and Xbox, because during the presentation of Xbox and Bethesda games, we will see the games that will reach the consoles of Americans in the coming months and in the next year.

Xbox & Bethesda games show will start at 19:00, on our site you will find all the games Microsoft presented during the event. We encourage you to watch the show together, as titles like Forza, Redfall or Starfield shouldn’t be missing out.

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