Iga Świątek (first WTA), the 2022 French Open champion, defeated 2021 US Open champion Emma Raducano (12th WTA) 6:4, 6:4 after a good close match and advanced to the semi-finals of the WTA Championships in Stuttgart sand fields. This is the 21st straight win for the 20-year-old from Raszyn. Another Polish women’s competitor is Ludmiła Samsonowa (31 WTA).

Iga your lipsEmma Raducano: The result. The 2022 French Open Champion vs the 2021 US Open Champion, aged 20 vs. 19, is already a world tennis star and possibly a future world tennis star, who should remove one Champion title – so is Iga Šwietik, WTA ranking leader WTA tennis player, he will currently be facing the 12th Rocket in the world by Emma Raducano. This was their second game, but the first in their football career, and it can really be enjoyed.

– She’s the best in the world at the moment, so I’ll be able to play without stress – I assessed a teenage girl from Great Britain before the meeting. It was without excessive expectations that she played in New York, where she had to compete in the qualifying rounds for the tournament, to finally enjoy a Grand Slam title. Iga’s achievements in recent weeks were widely known – three consecutive championships and a streak of 20 consecutive victories. The Polish player of choice, Radokano could play the way she liked without pressure, which led to an impressive appearance in the quarter-finals of the tournament. WTA 500 in Stuttgart.

Świątek – radukan [WYNIK]

The beginning did not announce any major emotions. Tomas Wiktorowski’s attack immediately broke the opponent’s pass and made a 2-0 lead. The rest of the game was played according to the rules of the servers, thanks to which the Pole won in a ratio of 6: 4.

The second edition began with three breaks. She compared WTA leader Emma Radocano to a great first pass and excellent backsheets that gave her a lot of points. However, she had problems with accuracy and winning key balls. Iga, on the other hand, was not the same, she was bothered by the very slippery surface, which she spoke about in a post-match interview, but she showed the best class in times of danger. At 5:4 the Brits had two break points, but she didn’t use either. Świątek will play in the semi-finals, and will be her opponent Lyudmila Samsonova.

This is the twenty-first victory in a row for Eija شفيviتيكek. In the second semi-final duo, Paul Bados will face Arina Sabalenka.

Iga Świątek (1, Poland) – Emma Radukano (8, Great Britain) 6:4, 6:4

Match score between Iga Świątek and Emma Raducano