2022-04-04 09:50

2022-04-04 09:50

The first Amazon Trade Syndicate will be created in the USA.  The company is considering the objection
Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar/ / forum

Amazon employees announced the creation of the first labor union for a company in the United States. The company’s representatives did not accept this decision with optimism and want to contest it.

The first consortium in the US Amazon will be set up in a warehouse in New York, according to BBC.com. 55% supported this decision. employees. Amazon workers union will be headed by Chris Smalls – a former employee of the company best known for protesting the company’s policy regarding safety conditions during the pandemic.

Amazon is the second largest private sector employer in the United States. The company has been in operation for 28 years and employs more than 1.1 million workers in the United States, so creating the structures for the first labor union to work with it is a major event. However, optimism did not spread to company representatives, who still had the opportunity to question the results.

– We believe that direct relationships with the company are the best for our employees. We are evaluating our options, including objecting to the improper and undue influence on the choice made in New York, Amazon wrote in a press release carried by the wirtualnemedia.pl portal.

For years, the company has been struggling with a corporate image that neglects employee rights. Among Amazon’s recent problems in this regard, it was binding at the end of last year to pay 500 thousand. Penalties for “inappropriately reporting” employees about COVID-19 incidents in California warehouses.

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In Poland, the company has nine distribution centers and employs about 17 thousand people. People. In our country, there was also a dispute between Amazon and employees. company last week She lost in court with a former employee in a case related to unjustified dismissal.