FIFA has started disciplinary action against Hungary for the racist behavior of its fans during Thursday’s World Cup qualifier match against England (0:4) in Budapest.

In the evening’s announcement, FIFA stated that it will always firmly oppose any form of discrimination, including racism. In the morning, the world football authorities announced that they would take appropriate steps against the Hungarian Federation as soon as the relevant report from Budapest reached the headquarters.

Not only did the British Football Association but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appealed to FIFA to take action.

“I urge FIFA to take strict action against those responsible for these incidents,” Johnson said. “The racial humiliation of English footballers in Budapest on Thursday is completely unacceptable and such behavior should be permanently banned from stadiums.”

The racist assault was to have been, inter alia, of Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling. From the stands – according to English media – you could hear monkeys mimicking.

“This is unacceptable. People stuck in their prejudices will eventually become dinosaurs, because the world is evolving and moving forward” – admitted the coach of the Englishman Gareth Southgate.

Because of the discriminatory incidents fans have been subjected to during this year’s European Championship matches, Hungary will play two more UEFA-sponsored matches as hosts in empty stands. Then they were offended, among other things, by French football players.

Thursday’s match was for World Cup qualification points, so FIFA was the organizer. Both teams are opponents of Poland in Group A (PAP)


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