And it happened: TikTok, as well as another Chinese app, WeChat, are officially banned in the US today. Although negotiations have been going on for some time, which would have ended with the seizure of TikTok’s US assets, the Donald Trump administration decided to impose previously announced restrictions.

The US Department of Commerce published today official announcement, where Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce declared:

to respond to Signing President Trump’s orders on August 6, 2020 To protect the national security of the United States, the Department of Commerce announced today, Transaction Prohibitions Related to WeChat and TikTok mobile applications. Chinese Communist Party Use this apps threaten national security, American foreign policy and economics. Today’s bans protect US users by revoking access to these apps and drastically reducing their functionality.

new slate Distribution, storage and update are prohibited TikToka and WeChata, along with their source code, are in app stores across the United States. This means that applications must Disappear from Play Store, from AppStoreAs well as any other portable software distribution platforms operating in the United States. In the case of the WeChat app, it was also brought in Block sending payments in the United States. These restrictions, aimed primarily at software distributors, are effective as of September 20.

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Minister Wilbur Ross simultaneously introduced Ban on other companiesoperating in the USA, Regarding the provision of hosting services and other network services that allow blocked apps to run, such as mirroring or a VPN. App developers are also banned Use of Code, Functions, and Component Services TikToka and WeChata in other applications or services available in the United States. This makes it impossible, for example, to create copies of these applications under other names. The ban on WeChat has been in effect since September 20, while in the case of TikTok, they will come into effect on November 12.

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There was also a warning in the announcement about it if illegal activitiesSuspects in TikTok and WeChat will be discovered in other apps, and taken away Next steps, resulting in more bans. together Donald Trump gave TikTok time To complement ongoing discussions with Oracle. So by November 12 will be included Pleasing Americans an agreementBan can be lifted.

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Image source: Pixabay

Text source: US Department of Commerce