IMŚJ is an event that Poles can especially expect. No wonder, because the young players spoiled the fans with many successes. Polish players have turned the tournament into a device for winning medals. Poland is definitely the leader in the medal table with 35 discs achievements. Great Britain got the second result (21 medals). In terms of the number of tournaments, the difference is even more noticeable. Australia and Denmark follow Poland (14) with 7 titles.

These numbers do not fully reflect how the Poles dominated the game. Continuously since 2010, at least one Polish sprint racer finished the competition in the top three. Twice – in 2013 and 2019, “White and Red” won all the medals. Since 1996, the pole has not stood on the podium only three times – in 1999, 2008 and 2009. The titles were taken by the greatest: Bartosz Zmirzlik, Patrick Dodek and Jaroslav Humpel. However, the champion was also Karol Zubek and Robert Mikoviak, who did not translate success into a brilliant career.

The conclusion is clear – IMŚJ is our farm. The angrier will say it’s the Polish junior international championship. Every fan approaches this year’s edition with a huge appetite. The Polish representation is very strong. Jacob Mikoviak and Victor Lampart are two players from the top of the PGE Ekstraliga. Both of them repeatedly brought back the main points of their teams. No one can forget Mateusz Uednicki, because he also showed a very good side.

In addition, the appetite was awakened by the fact that this year the Poles do not have a great competitor. Of course, it is worth paying special attention to a few slag riders. Jan Kvich, Mads Hansen and Francis Gusts have great chances for the championship. However, these are not names that will knock you off your feet. The aforementioned motorcyclists showed a lot of potential, but no one broke above a certain level. Kvech only opened in the eWinner 1st League, and Gusts and Hansen scored points in Speedway’s second league.

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Pressure may turn out to be the biggest opponent of the Poles. Expectations are high and conditions for success are favorable. The only thing left to do is to run your brain right and show who will deal the cards in the first competition in Stralsund. The competition will start in Germany on Saturday at 19:00. The next competition will be held on September 25 in Krosno. The new Junior World Champion will be announced on October 1 in Pardubice.

IMŚJ rate 2021:

1 – Jan Kvich (Czech Republic)
2 – Stephen Gouret (France)
3 – Mateusz Schwednicki (Poland)
Mads Hansen (Denmark)
5 – Lukas Baumann (Germany)
6 – Mark Carrion (Russia)
7 – Ernst Matusonox (Latvia)
Jonas Seifert – Salk (Denmark)
9 – Matthew Gilmore (Australia)
10 – Marko Luisen (Ukraine)
11 – Wiktor Lambert (Poland)
12 – Alexander Wenten (Sweden)
13 – Francis Gusts (Latvia)
14 – Daniel Kolodinsky (Latvia)
15 – Jakob Mikowiak (Poland)