Donald Trump recently admitted that he is definitely considering running for re-election in 2024. Will an official campaign start soon?

Since the defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, the media has been listening to nearly every word of the former United States leader, trying to figure out just how far the forty-fifth White House host is thinking about the upcoming presidential campaign. So far, Donald Trump has avoided an unequivocal answer, mainly due to his inability to handle the defeat in the election, which was expressed, among other things, by not participating in the Joe Biden oath.

These words were said on Fox Business Channel during “Morning With Maria”:

– Do you think, Mr. President, about running again for a higher position? The journalist asked. – One hundred percent sure. I think about it one hundred percent. Polls show everyone wants me. Trump replied: I think we can be very successful.

As I already mentionedThis is not the first time that Donald Trump has suggested that he might decide to run for the presidential elections in 2024. He also spoke about it, among other things, in early March, during his first official speech after leaving office. Recently, also on Fox TV, he said that he “is taking it very seriously, although it’s still a bit early”.


Make America Great Again. and again?

In March, Trump fired, too Web page For their followers to keep in touch with them and present their activities. It was argued at the time that it could be a step towards nurturing the voter base and gaining new supporters. Trump presents himself as a successful president who still has a lot to do for America. The slogan on the website reads “Make America Great Again is Just the Beginning”. You can also find it in the donor list.

According to Andre Kohut, American from the Jagiellonian Club and author of the podcast “In America,” it is difficult today to realistically assess the former president’s chances in the next race for the White House, but it cannot be said that he is in a losing position. He is still a candidate with great potential. It should be remembered that in the 2020 elections, Trump increased the electoral base, gaining 1 million new voters. He still has a lot of support among Republicans. The only question is whether he will maintain media interest and whether he will not evolve into competition – says Kohut.

In the shadows, but on the waves

In recent months, Donald Trump has disappeared from American public life. He rarely showed up in public. If anything, it was an occasion to be featured on the Fox TV friendly. He mainly spends his time in his Florida residence. However, subsequent polls show he is still a leading candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024.


He was not even obstructed by inciting the attack of his supporters on the Capitol, which happened in early January. And those Republicans who have backed the accusations against Trump and try to impeach him are seen by many voters as a betrayal of the party. Trump also does not have much competition at the moment. In second place among the popular presidential candidates … Ex-Vice President Mike Pence.

The president’s defeat in the 2020 elections continues to fuel his supporters. Trump has yet to abandon his rhetoric of convincing his community that elections are rigged and that President Joe Biden is not a legally elected president. It will also continue to build its constituencies on that claim in the coming years.

– I think that, on the one hand, he accepted the defeat, but on the other hand, he will play with it as much as possible – confirms Andre Kohut. In this context, there is no point in the absence of evidence of fraud, and dozens of lawsuits that his team have brought in state and federal courts have been dismissed.

Official decision next year?

Perhaps Donald Trump will formally announce his candidacy after the Senate elections in 2022. This is an issue that is definitely grabbing the former president’s attention right now. And recently, he supported one of the candidates, although the same has not yet announced his desire to run in the elections. It’s about Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. So Trump appears to want to gain control of the Republican actors next year.


So far, only one president in United States history has managed to be reelected after having previously had to bid farewell to the White House after his first term in office – Grover Cleveland, who was the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president from 1885 to 1897.

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