We are still waiting for Elden Ring’s official presentation, but From Software still hasn’t revealed any details, so other informants are keen to comment on the game. Now the able leader has mentioned links to previous Japanese projects.

In recent days, we were able to check out the full Elden Ring trailerWhich, however, should not be offered to players. The diversion made other informants ready to comment on the game – Yesterday we received details about opponents and inspirationToday, there are more details on production.

Now, Qadeer spoke of the position, which had already proven to have good access to software personnel. In his opinion, Elden Ring is closely related to the Dark Souls franchise and during the game, “Souls” fans will see many well-known elements.

In the Elden Ring we find the PVP mode and the network mechanics, Gamers who complained about the lack of these features in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will definitely please. The creators, however, went a step further In the most recent position, the mirrored character and the layer creation system we know from Dark Souls will appear. By default, the first options will only affect the start of the game, after which we will have a lot of freedom to take action.

The commander also assured that the trailer leak was not “under” Bandai Namco’s control in any way. From the program he may not even know about the trailer, because the publisher was responsible for it – it was created for internal use only. Players should never see it, but the situation reportedly did not affect the Japanese in any way because Bandai Namco has a plan and is implementing it – We should hear about the Alden ring soon. The publisher should have known about the leak.

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The trailer also doesn’t show some of the major features – including weather changes. According to the informant, Elden Ring stands out from previous program elements in terms of color. The game is “very colorful” and although we find dark places in the world, we often encounter more vibrant and dynamic areas.