There may still be consultations, but for now I have to say that our paths have practically diverged – Orban announced on Radio Kossuth, when asked about the future of Fides within the European People’s Party.

Wiktor Orban wants to build a new right without EPP. “We talked to the Poles”

He also referred to his previous statements about the need to create a European democratic right without the European People’s Party.

We spoke to Poles, and I spoke to a great friend of Hungary (President of the Italian League) Matteo Salvini, and the head of another Italian right-wing party (the Italian Brothers) Mrs. (Giorgia) Meloni. We are working – he said.

We all feel that our voice on the most important issues of our time – so that no immigrants come, there is no multiculturalism, that Christian traditions are respected, that there is national sovereignty, that states do not belong to the past, but to the future – is weak in Europe, the Hungarian Prime Minister noted.

In his opinion, Fidesz’s exit from the EPP faction means more free decisions.

Leaves Fidesz EP. “We can go our own way.”

We can walk our way, no hurry. Conversations should speed up. The point is that people like us – who want to protect their family, their homeland, who believe in state cooperation rather than the European empire – should have their own political home in Europe, Orban continued. He also indicated that such a gathering would be an important force in the political arena in Europe.

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The EPP group in the European Parliament adopted new regulations on Wednesday, which allow the suspension or expulsion of not only members of the European Parliament but also of entire parties. Politico quoted several MEPs earlier as saying that if that happened, the entire Fides faction would be suspended. In response to the change in regulations, MEPs resigned from Fidesz from membership in the group.

Nevertheless, Fides is still a member of the European People’s Party, despite having been suspended from this party family since Spring 2019.