It will mark the first, and possibly the last, time this year that the five have gathered to take a photo. The three generations were last seen together in public at the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in March, but the Duke, who would turn 100 in June and retire, was not with them.

The six were last photographed together at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in May 2018.

The Queen, 94, and Duke They will spend a quiet Christmas alone in Windsor, Likely only to see other relatives on short, socially separated visits on both sides of Christmas Day, and possibly abroad in order to protect their health

The Queen and Prince of Wales usually only use the Royal Train and it is said to be the King’s preferred mode of transportation.

While it enables royals to travel safely overnight, the cost of operating the train has been controversial. Mile-for-mile is their most expensive mode of transportation, with accounts in September showing it was used only three times in 2019-20, once by the Queen and twice by Prince Charles, for a total cost of £ 63,255.

Consisting of nine wagons, it is the only non-commercial private train service catering to a single family still operating in the UK.

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