This medium-sized city is inhabited by about a quarter of a million people. It is located in western Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the home of the seven-time German champion – FC Schalke 04. It is also well connected to the rest of the country – as many as 4 motorways pass near Gelsenkirchen. There are also train stations in the city.

One of Gelsenkirchen’s main attractions is the natural park created on the site of a coal mine, as well as separated by a picturesque canal. In 1997, the Federal Parks Show was held in the park. What other entertainments does Gelsenkirchen enjoy?

What’s worth seeing in Gelsenkirchen?

Football fans should definitely go to the local team match. Veltins Arena It was opened in 2001 and is believed to be One of the most modern facilities of this kind in the world. It will accommodate more than 60,000 fans. in the stadium in GelsenkirchenDuring the 2006 FIFA World Cup, up to 6 matches were played. was one of them clash between poland and ecuador. The show was watched by 52,000 fans from all over the world. In 2007, the German Grand Prix of motor racing was held on the stadium. On a specially prepared track, competitors raced on purpose-built bikes. The opening match of the Ice Hockey World Championships was also held there, a record attendance at the time. Schalke 04 FC was founded in 1904. The players wear the distinctive blue and white uniform. The club also trains basketball, table tennis, athletics and handball.

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Another important attraction in the city NordsternparkWhich is part of the European Horticultural Heritage Network and the Industrial Heritage Trail. In the park, you can see the coal bunker and batching plants that have been in continuous use for only a few dozen years. The park in Gelsenkirchen is popular with families and students from nearby schools, especially in the summer. There is a spacious playground that offers many attractions, both for young children and for older children. Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the trails created especially for them. On the other hand, tourists can take advantage of the rental of electric two-wheeled Segway cars, allowing to explore the entire area faster. It is located in Gelsenkirchen The city hall that dominates the city panorama. The building dates back to the 1930s and has an unusual facade. This is where the offices of the city authorities are located. The oldest building is a small castle from the 14th century, which was completely renovated a few years ago. It has been changed into the entertainment and cultural center of the city. It hosts classical and jazz music concerts. Every year, an outdoor event is held at the castle. In addition to beautiful music, we can watch movie shows and taste local dishes.

When is Gelsenkirchen worth visiting?

In the spring and summer, various concerts and cultural events are held in the amphitheater in the park. One of the most important events Rock Hard Festivalwhich took place initially in Bavaria and was organized infrequently, especially on the occasion of the magazine’s anniversary hard rock. This event has been held in Gelsenkirchen since 2003. Initially, it was meant to be a one-off event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the magazine’s publication. However, it was so warmly received that the organizers decided to hold concerts every year. The amphitheater can accommodate about 7,000 people. Heavy metal fans consider this festival one of the best in the country. A three-day celebration of heavy sounds can be an unforgettable adventure during the holidays, especially if we listen to a different kind of music every day.

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Rhine-Heerne Canal It is a picturesque waterway that crosses the city. Port Grimberg is located near Gelsenkirchen’s border with Herne. Its name owes its name to the fortress located near the port, unfortunately today only ruins remain. The port was built in 1914. In subsequent years, it became the most important site along the Rhine-Herne Canal. In 1982, with the completion of the iron ore mine, the port ceased operations. It is currently used as a recycling site for construction waste. The canal is home to many fish, including eel, carp, perch, bream, and crickets. It looks nicer in the summer. When visiting Gelsenkirchen during the holiday months, It is worth visiting the zoo. The area covers more than 30 hectares, and is divided into three regions – Alaska, Asia and Africa. The latter is especially loved by children. It offers a chance to see animals like lions, lemurs, zebras, rhinos and even giraffes. The main attraction in the first area are the polar bears. While walking in the park we can enjoy reindeer, sea lions and skunks. The region called Asia is full of exotic animals. We have a chance to see camels, orangutans and pandas up close. If we’re lucky, we’ll find ourselves feeding the animals.

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