A new study has found that people who eat in restaurants must adhere to complete silence to stop the spread of the Corona virus

I discovered a group of scientists in South Korea Covid-19 It can travel more than 20 feet, but the risks are increased when the affected person speaks.

A new study in the Korean Journal of Medical Sciences warns that people should abstain from the conversation while this is happening MealsAs well as “talking out loud or shouting”.

The scientists demanded that the walls be separated between the tables as a result. MirrorOnline Reports.

Scientists have suggested setting dividing walls between tables – like many restaurants and cafes have already been introduced in the UK – to Prevent the spread of germs.

In one case, they claimed that someone was able to infect another customer who was more than 21 feet away for five minutes.

The researchers said saliva droplets were able to travel from one to the other, spreading the infection.

They concluded their conclusions after using credit card records, phone location data, and surveillance cameras to see how easily Covid-19 could spread in restaurants.

It is believed that unventilated rooms pose a high risk of infection.

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In the UK, the government claimed Eat out to help plan Contributed to a second wave of the Covid-19 virus and many people are still unsure if they should visit their local restaurant now that the national lockdown ends.

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Even Boris Johnson indicated that the stimulus “may have helped the virus spread” again in October.

“As much as this scheme may have helped the spread of the virus, it is clear that we need to counter that and we need to counter that with the discipline and actions that we propose,” the prime minister told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

“But I hope you understand the balance that we are trying to achieve.”

The national lockdown was lifted on Tuesday and the country has been divided into different levels.

Cornwall is now at Level 1, and Plymouth and the rest of Devon are at Level 2.

This means anyone wanting to go out for a drink lives in Level 2 You should order a “big meal” With a pint.

Controversy erupted over what constituted a large meal. One bar in Plymouth https://i2-prod.plymouthherald.co.uk/incoming/article4770288.ece/ALTERNATES/s458/0_Scotch-eggPNG.png

To get around the new legislation.