criminal It will be a very unusual series – it promises to be a specific specialized criminal procedure, which will take place in police interrogation rooms in Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain.

criminal It is a 12-episode show on Netflix. The series is divided into four parts – three episodes that will take place in each country. Each of them has its own manager and a separate business team. However, the essence of the story is the same everywhere – each time we will notice a dramatic game of cat and mouse, which has been described as a mental struggle between a policeman and a suspect.

This can give you an interesting and unusual perspective. Whoever saw the interrogation scenes from the pen of Mercurio’s grandfather (Personal guard, Duty line), He knows that serial tests can be true narrative art. The question remains whether the makers of the series, i.e. George Kay (Eve’s obsession, hour(And Jim Field Smith)mind, EpisodesShe was able to create powerful, surprising and fantastic stories in equal measure.

We’ll find out on September 20, when the show will begin. The directors of individual sectors are Jim Field Smith (Great Britain), Frederick Mermode (France), Oliver Hirschpiegel (Germany) and Mariano Barroso (Spain).

This is how the international actors look on the show:

  • Criminal: Wilka Britannia: David Tennant, Hayley Atwell, Youssef Gargour, Claire Hope Ashti, Catherine Kelly, Lee Engelby, Nicholas Pinnock, Mark Stanley, Roshinda Sandal, Chopham Sarraf;
  • Criminal: Franja: Natalie Bay, Jeremy Renee, Sarah Giroud, Margot Benselhoun, Laurent Lucas, Stephan Joubert, Anne Azoulay, Mohamed Arezki;
  • Criminal: Germany: Peter Kurt, Christian Burkle, Denise Arora, Nina Hus, Eva Mickach, Sylvester Groth, Florence Kasumba, Christian Kuchenbuch, Jonathan Berlin;
  • Criminal: Hispania: Carmen Macchi, Enma Cuesta, Edward Fernandez, Emma Suarez, Alvaro Cervantes. Jorge Bosch, Jose Angel Egedo, Nuria Mencia, Daniel Chamorro, Maria Morales, Jaffe Cole, Milo Taboada.
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Netflix is ​​pathetic with this chain because it is the most important content producer in Europe. No other broadcast or channel has produced many local productions across the European Union in the past three years. Currently, the site is also trying to create multi-national productions, like the recently announced series Direction: Night – Belgian series featuring Polish actors. It can also be assumed that if the series succeeds, who knows, maybe we will also see at some point Criminal: Poland.

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