The cafeteria is a cozy space in the school, where students of the 4th secondary school Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz are, from now on, they will be able to have a good time, have a cup of tea, talk to their friends or have a hot meal. The idea was realized and financed by parents.

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The venue is located at the entrance to the school from the playground side. The new version was created recently, because during the winter holidays.

– It is a public place, where young people used to come voluntarily, because there is a school store nearby – says Katarzyna Kijewska-Bodniwiak, headmaster of the fourth secondary school. – There were benches and chairs here before, but this place definitely needs a renovation. The students called it the waiting room because they usually wait here for their parents who are driving to pick them up from school.

The current Parents Council decided to gift the students and redevelop this space.

The idea and concept came from the former head of the Parents’ Council – Małgorzata Kulesza, we decided to put this idea into practice – says Renata Mandziuk, president of the Parents Council of Secondary School No. 4. – The money paid by parents of students is allocated, among other things, to: prizes at competitions and at the end of the school year, organization of school events and financing of self-government activities of the school. However, in the past two years – due to the pandemic and distance learning – there has been no opportunity to spend it on these purposes. Hence the remaining money, we decided to spend it on renovating this “waiting room” and its equipment.

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