After winning Roland Garros and after 10 successive matches in the Grand Slam tournaments without losing a set, Iga wiątek lost. No. 17 in the WTA rankings never reached the second spot. Simona Halep beat Iga Świątek in the fourth round of the French Open. In October, a Pole broke Romagna 6: 1, 6: 2. Now she lost, although – as the expert claims – she played better in the first set than she did in Paris.

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Australian Open. Iga Świątek offered her training

Crazy game, nice fighting for Iga Świątek, but Halep gets you into Serena Williams

Łukasz Jachimiak: I got the impression that Iga Świątek was very impatient in the match with Simona Halep, she was very nervous and lost more with herself than Roman. do you agree?

Maciej Senovka: Yes. And you have to ask yourself why it was. In my opinion, Iga slightly exceeded expectations. I think she played the best tennis in Group A. In my opinion, she played much better than she did in the French Open against Halep. You are now out as a leader. She was confident and dominated the court. In the last two matches of Group A, she had a major advantage over Halep. I made her make simple mistakes. Then you can clearly see how Iga’s impatience has grown, and how she wants to finish the race on the first, second and third ball. After the match, Halep said her only goal was to move Iga a bit and keep the ball on the field for longer.

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Roman succeeded, Iga did not calm down and lost. But there are also positives, right?

– Definitely. First of all: Iga has shown that she definitely has a level Toys This allows her to systematically play and win with these players. Second: There is still much room for improvement. This is very important for a 19-year-old. She’s had better matches when it came to maintaining her focus level. Here she lost her focus. It’s been a long time since we saw Iga complaining and nodding. In Paris, she had such a match in the doubles semifinals. She broke up a little there and did definitely do well with her staff, thanks to which she played better on singles the next day. Iga is a young player, who still has a lot of room for improvement, and she’s already playing at a very high level.

Iga said it exceeded expectations. hers? After winning the first set, she went to the dressing room and what could happen next? Do you think she expected things to go easy?

Looking from the perspective of her winning the last Grand Slam tournament, she is now in the fourth round, playing with a player who knows she can defeat and wins a 6: 3 group with her, it seems to me that she can do that after that. Imagine you win this match and even the whole tournament you win. In fact, in the past fifteen years, there have probably only been two Grand Slam titles in a row. It’s Naomi Osaka recently, with Serena Williams performing. It is not an easy thing to do. There are many factors that contribute to the fact that you play regularly and play at the highest level week after week, month after month and Grand Slam, and Iga still has to reach that level.

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Iga فيvetikMats Welander explained Iga Schwittek’s failure. “You are not feeling well”

My fan heart deeply regrets that there will be no quarter-finals for Iga Świ Sertek – Serena Williams. I think a match with a legend would be a perfect upgrade for Iega and tennis.

– exactly. I even thought for a moment that Agnieszka Radwańska had just competed with Serena Williams and I was curious if Iga would call Agnieszka before such a match and ask how it feels to play with Serena. Often times, when you go to the field with an American, you first have to get used to the fact that on the other side of the grid there is this character, this legend. And only after that can you think about playing tennis. You’re right, I also thought for a moment that it’s a pity. But in tennis, you have to have a very short memory, because you have so many failures that you have to be able to quickly forget about it. Tennis players rarely use the word “pity”, and they rarely say they regret something. But the duel between Iga and Serena will indeed be a special match.