A gang in Brooklyn, New York, has quickly and easily raised millions of dollars in federal funding for those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. They lost their pride.

Members of a New York City gang have looted $4 million in federal aid funding for victims of the coronavirus pandemic who have lost their jobs.

The eleven suspects, all of whom live in Brooklyn, belong to the Wu gang. They used personal information, including driver’s license numbers, from 800 people to file claims for $20 million in unemployment benefits. They ran between March 2020 and October 2021.

They got in because they were getting away with it, and many of them bragged about piles of cash by showing them off on social media — and they referenced the scam in the video for the song “Trappin,” which includes the words: Unemployment has made us work so much.

One suspect, Christopher Jean-Pierre, was buying information, including driver’s license numbers, for $150 each. Federal agents caught him by recovering messages he sent using a special app.

New York prosecutors said they would continue to prosecute gang members who tried to defraud the US government.


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