The British were warned against holding a “party weekend” as the former chief scientific adviser said the UK was “about to lose control” over Corona Virus.

The public was urged to act “in line” with the Covid-19 guidelines before the “rule of six” restrictions came into effect in England, Wales and Scotland from Monday with a few exceptions.

Pictures showed drinkers flocking to pubs and bars across Britain on Friday night, just 48 hours before the new rules, which will limit gatherings to six people at home and abroad in England.

Confirmed cases soared across the UK, as Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull imposed strict local lockdown restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

The only way to stop the spread of the virus is to reduce the number of people we are all dealing with, former chief science advisor and member of the Sage Scientific Advisory Group (Sage) said, adding that there is a “very strong” argument “that working from home should continue.”

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A group of women in Manchester are enjoying their last weekend before the lockdown restrictions tighten

New strict Covid-19 lockdown measures were announced for parts of the UK on Friday as cases continued to rise and with the R number – the number of reproductions for transmission of the coronavirus – above one.

There has been a sharp rise in cases among young people in England, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently urged them to stick to the rules.

New measures will be imposed to prevent people from mixing in homes and gardens in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell starting Tuesday in response to the rate of missile infection in the area.

Before the introduction of the “rule of six”, the head of the body representing police officers from ranks and files raised concerns about behavior over the weekend.

People congregate outside The Shipwrights Arms near London Bridge

Young women take a photo during a night in Manchester on Friday

“There is a real risk that some members of the public will take advantage of the current situation and treat this weekend as a festive weekend before stricter restrictions are imposed on Monday,” said John Apter of the Police Union of England and Wales.

Police in Manchester – where the local lockdown has been in effect since July 30 – said they broke up a 30-person house party in the early hours of Saturday.

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When asked whether the UK is still in control of the spread of the virus, Sir Mark Woolport said: “I think one has to say that we are on the verge of losing control.”

He told BBC Radio 4 Today The program: “You just have to look across the channel to see what is happening in France, and what is happening in Spain.

“The French infected 9,800 new infections on Thursday, and one can see their admission to hospital, and indeed, their admission to intensive care is increasing.”

He added: “The short answer is the only way to stop the spread of this infection is to reduce the number of people we all deal with, which reduces the risk.

“It’s a very good balance job. It’s very important to get young people back to school, people to university, but that means we’ll have to curb our contacts in other areas.”

The professor said he “definitely” still works from home, and told the program: “Where people can work from home, there is a very strong argument that they should do this.”

Sir Mark Walport says the UK is on the verge of “losing control” over the coronavirus

Local lockdown restrictions were imposed in Bolton after the number of cases rose

Minister of Cabinet Office Michael Gove He urged people to act “in accordance with” the rules this weekend, he said BBC Breakfast: “If people behave in a way that is not in line or not in line with the guidelines that have been laid down, they are putting others at risk.

“The reason the country’s police chiefs say they hope people will act with appropriate restraint this weekend is because we don’t want to see a further acceleration of the virus spread.”

He denied that the government was losing control of Covid-19, saying, “No, I don’t accept that.”

He also said that the government is not considering rolling back the “rule of six”, despite calls from Conservative MPs to exempt children from the new restrictions, adding that the measure is necessary “to maintain the rate of re-infection” so that “we can protect. Our grandparents.”

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People congregate at Moore London Place near London Bridge on Friday night

“Then we can ensure in time that these restrictions can be relaxed, and I hope like many others that we have a suitable birthday,” he added.

Mr. Gove said Sir Mark’s warning was “a warning to all of us,” telling the Today program: “I think Sir Mark’s words – he’s a very special world – are a warning to us all.

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“There is a set of scientific opinions but one thing almost every scientist agrees on is that we have seen a slight rise in infections, so it is appropriate to take public health measures.”

In England, those breaking the new rules can be fined £ 100 for the first offense, and every other offense doubled up to £ 3,200.

at the same time, Boris Johnson It considers plans to fine people who violate self-isolation rules.

Asked whether the government should consider a carrot-and-carrot approach while providing better financial support for those who self-isolate as well as fines for wrongdoing, Mr. Gove told the Today program: “I think it’s a very fair point.”

In Birmingham, Dr. Justin Farney, the city’s director of public health, said the rise in infections there was mostly linked to the gatherings in private homes at the end of August and over the weekend in banks.

He added that the increased testing has led to more confirmed cases.

It is also believed that licensed buildings, such as bars, pubs, and restaurants that violate the rules for contact tracing and social distancing, are part of the problem behind the high prices.

Elsewhere, Health Minister Matt Hancock appeared in a TikTok video posted on the TikTok-uk account.

In the video, he said that “regardless of your age, it is extremely important that you follow the rules” to keep the virus under control.

Coronavirus cases in the UK rose to the highest level since mid-May, with a total of 3,539 new cases on Friday.

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It is the highest daily figure since May 17, and the Medical Director of Public Health England Professor Yvonne Doyle has warned that it is a reminder of “the continuing danger as the virus is spreading throughout the UK”.

The number rose sharply from 2,919 the previous day and most of the cases were from people tested in the community.

Data from the Government Office of Science and Sage showed that the estimate for R across the UK ranges between 1.0 and 1.2.

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According to government advisors, the last time R exceeded one was in early March.

What are the new rules?

The new rules are implemented slightly differently in each delegated department.


Starting Monday, gatherings of more than six people will be banned.

The rules will apply across England to all ages and anywhere whether indoors or outdoors, at home or at the pub.

One family or a support bubble greater than six will still be able to congregate.

Covid-safe places such as places of worship, gyms, restaurants, and hospitality venues still have more than six in total.

Your education and work settings are not affected by the new rules.

Weddings and funerals with a maximum of 30 people can still go ahead if they are conducted in a COVID-19 safe manner.


People in Wales will only be able to meet in groups of six or fewer indoors and they must all belong to the same extended home group.

Up to four families are able to join together to form an extended family.

However, unlike in England, children under 12 will not be counted from this total.

Also unlike England, people will also still be able to meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors, as long as social distancing is maintained.

The changes will not be implemented in Caerphilly County due to the spike in Covid-19 cases.

People across Wales must wear face masks in stores and other indoor public places starting Monday.


A maximum of six people from two families will be permitted to meet together in Scotland.

Just like in England, the new limit applies when people meet in restaurants, bars and beer gardens, as well as at homes.

However, Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon said that children under the age of 12, who are part of the family that meet, will not count towards the limit of six.

There will be “limited exceptions” covering organized sports and places of worship.

Up to 20 people will be able to attend weddings, civic partnerships and funerals, as well as receptions and wake-ups, which is tougher than in England and Wales.

northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has not announced any changes in the number of people who can congregate.

However, local coronavirus restrictions will be introduced in Belfast and Palemina.

People from two or more families in these areas will not be able to meet in private places.

There are a number of limited exceptions, including providing child and family care that has formed one social bubble with another.

No more than six people, from more than two families, will be allowed to meet in private gardens.

In Northern Ireland, the number of people who can congregate in their own homes has already decreased from 10 from four families to six people from two families last month due to the spike in Covid-19 cases.

It can meet up to 15 people outdoors.