The architects offered another apartment at Złota 44 in Warsaw. This time, on an area of ​​210 square meters, design and nature are combined in a modern touch and art. There are no walls defining the individual rooms. All rooms of the apartment create a free and open space. Details below.

Another apartment full of luxury has been created in the Złota 44 apartment building in Warsaw. It was designed by architectural studio Tissu Architecture. The area of ​​the apartment is 210 square meters. The space is kept in a modern style and has an industrial feel. – First of all, we wanted the apartment to have a breathtaking view of the capital’s skyline to reflect the diverse privacy of the city. This was the starting point – say the authors of the project.

This is what an ultra-luxury apartment in Złota 44 . looks like

Ultra-luxury apartment in a skyscraper in Złota 44. The tenant …

In addition to classic modernism, we also see inspiration from the Art Deco style, presented in a modern version in the eclectic interiors of the Tissu Architecture project. Art Deco combined with loft microclimates is surprising and creates attractiveness and individuality for everyone, and the authors of the project wanted this most of all.

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