“I am glad to have returned to Moscow to continue my cooperation with an experienced and reliable team from the US diplomatic mission,” the ambassador said. He then added, “I look forward to working with our colleagues in the government of the Russian Federation to achieve our goal – a stable and predictable relationship between the United States and Russia.”

He announced that he would “constantly work” on practical measures that would enable the implementation of the tasks set in the last meeting of Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. At the same time, he stressed that he will continue to defend democracy, human rights and media freedom.

The ambassador’s return comes in the wake of the Russian-American summit held in Geneva in mid-June. A few days ago, Anatoly Antonov returned to his post as Russia’s ambassador in Washington.

The return of the heads of the diplomatic missions of both countries comes more than two months after diplomats were summoned to their countries for consultations, as a result of the United States imposing sanctions on Russia.

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