The woman’s attorneys argue that she is among the most vulnerable. She has diabetes, a heart problem, and has had a stroke. Accordingly, the lawyers concluded in the application that the lawsuit Regional authorities He was irresponsible. Valeriana Mambreini, 88, hopes to get vaccinated right away by going to court.

According to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the woman has tried to participate in the vaccination since the beginning of March.

– With our children Elderly We tried to solve the problem in the normal way. It was impossible. We tried everything. Franco Villa, one of the 88-year-old’s lawyers, explained that the silence of a region that left its citizens alone is unacceptable.

The woman tried to make an appointment by phone and register online. Her sons even took her to the point of vaccination, but this method also did not work.

The 88-year-old told the Corriere della Sera daily that she is alone due to her health condition and cannot risk infection by meeting someone.

– I can’t even see my 81-year-old sister, and she also failed to register for the vaccination – she admitted.

The region where the woman lives is the black spot on the vaccination map in Italy. At the same time, local authorities restrict entry to all who are not permanent residents of the island. According to the decree signed by Governor Christian Solinas, only people who demonstrate health or professional reasons that justify a trip can get there.

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