British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday after talks with Crown Dependency authorities in the English Channel, that two British patrol boats would remain in waters off Jersey to continue monitoring the situation.

London dispatched two HMS patrol boats on Wednesday night Severn And HMS Tamar in response to Paris threats to cut off the electricity supply The island – l Of which 95 percent electricity is provided by submarine cables from France – a And in the context of announcing the protest of the French fishermen at the entrance to its main port, Street. Hillier.

France sent two of its patrol boats to the waters off Jersey on Thursday.

Johnson’s office reports that he spoke to Jersey CEO John Law this morning To dissolve. “The President of the Government (Jersey) informed the Prime Minister of the latest developments in French fishing vessels off the coast of Jersey. The Prime Minister reiterated his firm support for Jersey and confirmed the presence of two patrol ships. Royal Navy They will remain in place to monitor the situation as a precaution. Johnson’s office reported that they have agreed to remain in contact as the situation evolves.

France does not recognize the new hunting rules

French fishermen are protesting the new fishing rules introduced by the Jersey government last week as part of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) Which requires them to show a history of fishing in Jersey waters. They claim additional requirements have been added without notice. The authorities in Paris indicate that the “new technical measures” have not been notified to the European Union, rendering them “invalid”.

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On Thursday vigil at the entrance to the port of St. Street. About 50-60 French fishing boats participated in the Helier, but in the early afternoon they sailed back towards France. However, ongoing talks aimed at resolving the conflict have so far not succeeded, according to information from French fishermen.

HMS Severn And HMS Tamar are based in Portsmouth in southern England. Both are 90.5 meters long, have two large guns, including short-range anti-aircraft weapons, and are staffed by 45 sailors and up to 50 Royal Marines. Ships are routinely used for protection Fisheries – seafarers He may board other boats for on-site inspection.

Source: PAP

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