“The tanks in the Soviet memorial have disappeared!” He announced the Berlin branch of the Pilecki Institute on social media, where he shared a minute-long shot indicating that it was produced in Kharkov T-34 tanks are parked daily in Berlin park Tiergarten, next to the Monument to Soviet Soldiers, was moved towards Ukraine.

At the end of the material, which also partially simulates an excerpt from the news site, the following inscriptions are: “1945: Kharkiv tanks defeat the Nazis in Berlin. 2022: Kharkiv is launched day and night by the Russian army. Ukraine Needs tanks now! We are returning these tanks to Kharkiv.”

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Will Russia declare a major victory in the May 9 parade in Moscow?

Germany. History campaign

“we need new Public debate on how and what to remember in Berlin ”- wrote the organization Vitsche on Friday in social mediaAnd Unification of Ukrainian youth in Germany.

“The victory over German National Socialism and the fall of the Third Reich was the result of the heroic collective efforts of all the allies – the Americans and the British, but also the soldiers of many occupied countries, including the Poles, the French and the Red Army. Ukrainians, Belarusians and Poles also fought in their ranks. At this point, from It is worth noting that the units participated in the capture of Berlin army berlingowska ”- added.

As indicated in Friday’s announcement, “there is not a single memorial in Berlin commemorating the Allied victory over the Third Reich, but there is a monument dedicated to Red Army soldiers, Russian soldiers and Stalin.”

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More information about the campaign and its historical background will be announced on Tuesday.


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