On Saturday, 13 Chinese military aircraft penetrated the air defense limitation zone TaiwanEl (ADIZ) to the southwest. at On Sunday, 15 more machines from the People’s Republic of China repeated this maneuver again. While violations of the Taiwanese ADIZ by the Chinese military have become the norm in recent months, this was the largest number of aircraft penetrating the area in a single day.

The announcement of a shipment of warships to the South China Sea is the first official statement backed by the White House Taiwan After Joe Biden took office. On Saturday, a group of US Navy ships set off on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt near the coast of this country. It was accompanied by USS Russell and USS John Finn Arley Burke missile destroyers and the USS Bunker Hill Ticonderoga missile cruiser. The US Navy indicated that the purpose of sending an aircraft carrier is to promote “freedom of the seas” in the region.

Our commitment to Taiwan“You are steadfast and contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the entire Taiwan Strait and in the (Indian and Pacific Oceans) region,” the US State Department said in a statement. TaiwanIn response to Saturday’s statement, we thanked us for the support provided and stressed our readiness to continue cooperation with the United States in maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

“We urge Beijing to end its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on it TaiwanEngage in constructive dialogue with democratically elected representatives TaiwanU has resumed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressing its concern over the recent measures taken by the People’s Republic of China in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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“We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and allies to advance our shared prosperity, security and values ​​in the Indo-Pacific region, which include deepening our ties with a democracy. TaiwanThe statement mentioned the US State Department. “The United States will continue to support the peaceful solution of the problems in the (Taiwan) Strait in accordance with the wishes and interests of its people,” the statement said. TaiwanU

The statement also indicated that the United States will continue its support Taiwan In maintaining their defensive capabilities. Last year, the Donald Trump administration approved six arms sales to the TaiwanU. During the entire term of office, 11 such tranches were approved – the most since the break in formal diplomatic relations between states.

This is the first official statement from the State Department during Joe Biden’s presidency to express support TaiwanU. Biden’s election as president caused uncertainty among Taiwanese, who considered Trump’s term in office the best in the history of contacts between the United States and TaiwanSince cutting ties between states.

But this is not the first gesture of friendship TaiwanBy the Biden administration. agent TaiwanIn the USA, Hsiao Bi-khim has been officially invited to the inauguration ceremony of the new US President Joe Biden. Authorities in Taipei reported that the actor TaiwanI was sworn in by the President of the United States for the first time since 1979.

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