An outdoor scene around the Jaselski House of Culture ended with a six-day theater workshop conducted by well-known theater director Wiesław Hołdys.

These activities were carried out within the framework of the project “Love is Poetry – Baczyński in Jasło”, co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports as part of the program of the National Cultural Center “Ojczysty – Add to Favorites 2021”.

I wanted Baczyński’s poetry, which in this case is not spoken but appears on paper, cardboard, and walls – to penetrate city space, specifically JDK space. But I also wanted this city to penetrate with its sounds from city life: traffic and sound, this poetry. And it worked The director summed up the show.

The workshops started on June 21 this year. It was met with great interest, but also surprise and curiosity on the part of the participants. – When I heard Mr. Wiesław’s idea of ​​a play, I was surprised. But suddenly it turned out to be connected. Baczyński is a dark poet and fits well with this urban atmosphere الجو – He says Alexandra CancerParticipant in theater classes.

The invitation of the director, who has extensive experience working with young people, led to an unusual spectacle. Everyone created the script together and chose the scripts. – We deliberately invited Mr. Hołdys, a manager with extensive experience working with young people, to collaborate with us. He does not come up with a ready-made workshop project, but he tries to get young people to create the play themselves by means of theatrical scripts and script work. It was they who invented these methods, created a new adjective and proved that poems can also be presented, not just spoken. – Adds Razia Helena GołębiowskaDirector of the Jasselsky House of Culture.

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Very intensive workshops were conducted in the Jasło Cultural Center and in the Baczyński mural. The creative work of young people was reflected on papers, cardboard boxes, walls and sidewalks. Its climax was a street show that presented Baczyński’s poetry in a nonverbal manner.