A small living room that can be arranged in a big way! Don’t know how to take it out? All you need is a little imagination and a handful of proven solutions. Read our article and find out how to use the available space to create a comfortable place for long and satisfying meetings at the table, also in a larger group. Check what to look for when choosing a table for a small living room. You don’t have to give up on sophisticated style or convenience of use!

It is easy to arrange a large apartment that accepts larger dimensions on board. The smaller space, which should be equally functional and aesthetic, presents a major challenge. happily, modern living room furniture They can search and perform their functions. both of them Classic Living Room Furniture, as well as the most modern, allow flexibly adapting to conditions and needs. Take a closer look at this article dining tables. By choosing them wisely, we will enjoy the arrangement that is light and practical in use. It would be hard to get a better “2 in 1”!

Small tables for the kitchen and living room – economy version

To begin with, we are looking at a proven solution that will not have an excessive impact not only on the tidy space, but also on the resources of our wallet. An economical version that does not look cheap.

solid wood tables Pine wood is a widely understood lightness – literally and figuratively. It would be nice to write even – on the go! Due to the dimensions and materials used, this is small and modern table for living room Or the kitchen, we can easily move “from one place to another” if we cannot allocate a destination to it. This is a huge advantage!

Square dinning table With a pine top and white legs, it’s also easy to fit into many arrangements. He is not afraid of green on the walls, a checkerboard on the floor, or more universal solutions. We can make sure that no matter what changes are made, the table will be flexible to match other elements of the decor and wall colors.

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Covering the top with varnish is a convenience to use – we can easily keep it clean. minus? It’s not as big and open to revelers as it is Dining tables for 12 people…A maximum of two people will sit next to him, and even people who are close to each other! Sometimes, that’s enough.

Exclusive modern living room furniture – round table

It is a pleasure to celebrate important moments at a common table? The best experience… over and over again! It is literally. Experts in arranging the topics and stars of popular TV shows on this topic agree that – Modern tables for the living room In small sizes it should be round. why? For a simple reason – they take up less space and look light. We can add them to the wall or invite them to the center of the room. but that is not all!

Comfort while eating is also taken into account – everyone has a little more space while eating. If there’s a little space, that’s really plenty!

table with metal legs And a wooden table top, you’ll love the modern layouts. We can combine it with white kitchen cabinets or a charming interior. It is also relatively easy to choose chairs – wooden, plush or plastic chairs that can boast a lighter weight. White or transparent – there are many possible solutions, and they will all look interesting.

if we ask Custom Furniture (Online or directly at the manufacturer in the showroom), he will adjust its size and color to our own preferences. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about inconsistencies in the colors of other elements of the decor, and this is important. After all, the nuances determine the aesthetic consistency!

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I recommend folding tables for living room – Round parts must be disassembled (in the case of rectangles and squares, you can simply install the so-called extension). Before buying, it is worth checking that the model we have chosen is not too heavy and allows it to be easily disassembled. After all, the convenience of use – besides the issue of appearance – is our priority!

Extendable Dining Tables – Adjust the size according to your expectations

who looks longingly at Dining tables for 12 peopleAnd the apartment hardly accommodates 4 people…no need to compromise! modern dining tables Whether we will adapt the kitchen to changing conditions. All you have to do is decide on a form that will be allowed to appear and we can calculate how many people will be invited to a festive dinner, with the possibility of extending (an omen!) to a spontaneous dinner!

Wooden tables for dining room With the function “Add extra space” They can accommodate 4-6 people on a daily basis. When removing or adding an extra bed – up to 3 extra beds. This is a big difference, especially when celebrating important moments. Why limit yourself when you can combine beautiful style with functionality and meet your needs?

It’s also worth noting that we don’t have to compromise on quality. For example Solid wood furniture It is solid construction and stability, which cannot be overestimated especially in the case of the table. Not to mention will stand the test of time! Proper furniture care It will keep it looking great for years – even with constant use and sun exposure.

What you should pay attention to when choosing Extendable table to the living room? Quick and easy to enlarge and fold. It happens that this type of furniture is heavy and it will be impossible to change its size for one person. For this reason, tables with extra beds may be a suitable solution, and they can be enlarged by inserting an additional element. One, two, you’re done!

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Dining Tables – Small & Extendable: Summary

We hope that after reading this article you already know that small space does not mean small arrangement possibilities! modern living room furniture It makes it easy to adjust its size according to changing conditions – without losing aesthetics and ease of use.

if Dining tables for 12 people Go beyond the possibilities of our living room or dining room – let’s choose the variant with a folding function (or with an extra bed). It is the possibility of ergonomic adjustment of furniture in accordance with the growing expectations. The “basic” size of the table will allow it to easily fit even in a limited space. If necessary, it can be equipped with extra beds, which will allow it to accommodate a larger number of guests. And the problem of putting them on the table is overcome!

The offer is so rich that we can easily choose a model that suits your preferences. We can choose dinning table or the kitchen:

  • wall-mounted rectangular, square, round or semicircular (in case there are really big restrictions);
  • wooden, plastic, with board or glass top;
  • with wooden or metal legs;
  • Foldable or with an extra bed.

Thanks to this, we can count on a harmonious combination of our sense of beauty with the possibilities of wallet and space. Now all you have to do is set the table, invite guests and celebrate the important moments! There is enough space for everyone!