Joe Biden is remotely connected to Sophia. As noted:

“We will participate in building joint initiatives in this region,” he added.

In Joe Biden’s opinion, “It will increase the security of this region, which will benefit the whole world”: We are happy to show together how democracies can lead their values ​​and meet the needs of their citizens: “Defeat the COVID-19 epidemic, build an economy,” Joe Biden said in a recording broadcast in Sofia. be more flexible and invest in high-quality infrastructure in a transparent manner.”

The Three Seas Initiative was created on the initiative of Poland and Croatia in 2015. It brings together twelve countries in our region, including the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

The Three Seas Initiative aims to create economic, infrastructure and political linkages. This cooperation is scheduled to extend to science, tourism and culture.
The Three Seas’ external partners and potential investors from the United States, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and Greece will also participate in the summit in Sofia.

“I have no doubt that the Three Seas Initiative is a good answer to the challenges that we will have to face after the pandemic.”

President Andrzej Duda told Sofia.

He also added:

The Three Seas also strengthen the cohesion of the European Union and enrich transatlantic relations. The macroeconomic foundations of our economies are sound. The outlook for a rapid recovery from the pandemic is optimistic. According to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, economic growth in Central Europe in 2022 will range from 4.1 to 4.8% “

– said the chief.

The President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, spoke in Sofia about the need to integrate the Three Seas Initiative with EU projects:

“With the European Green Deal and the Reconstruction Plan, we have two very powerful tools that allow us to meet the challenges of post-pandemic regeneration while keeping our eyes on the challenges ahead – the transformation to a greener and digital Europe”

– said the chief.

In Sofia, the leaders will discuss, among other things, combating the crisis caused by the pandemic, stopping climate change, and about developing the economy of our region. President Andrzej Duda also planned a bilateral meeting – with Greek President Ekaterini Sakylaropoulou, and he will also speak with a delegation of members of the US Congress.

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