The Oaks of Remembrance was planted to honor three policemen – victims of the Katyn massacre, Thursday in Szczecin. Bronis Zaw Zołotar, Ludwik Jan Berski, and Walerian Wawrzkiewicz are commemorated.

These three oak trees bear witness to our memory. We, as a society, as a nation, like the Poles, remember those who were brutally murdered on inhuman ground by red executioners: a bullet in the back of the head, without the right to a dignified burial. With decades without the right to be remembered, without The right to say goodbye to the family, ” said Zbigniew Boguki, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Thursday, during a memorial oak planting ceremony in honor of Ludvik Jan Persky, aspirant state police at the district police headquarters in Szczecin.

Recalling the fate of Persky, the director of the Szczecin branch of the Institute for National Remembrance, Pawik Skopysh, went to his daughter and her family, indicating that he had hoped that the place where the oak was planted would be a “symbolic place” “for them, where they could light a candle” and be convinced that the Polish state Remember your loved ones. “

“We are happy and really moved,” Grzigors Depta, a family member of the celebrated policeman’s daughter, told reporters after the ceremony. “It took a long time to reveal Katyn’s truth. It was a taboo subject – even in the family,” he emphasized.

“This wound was deep,” he added. “However, the 12-year-old was deprived of her father and these feelings emerged later when Katyn’s truth was revealed. Today, it can be said, is the end of this fairness,” said Depta.

Ludwik Jan Persky was a soldier in the Polish Legion, and since 1934 he was commander of the police station in Korolovka in the Borshov region (present-day Ukraine). He was arrested at the police station on September 17, 1939. He was a prisoner in the NKVD camp in Ostashkov. He was killed in Kalinin (today Tver) and buried in Midnoji. His wife Janina and daughter Uja are deported to Kazakhstan.

On Thursday, two other policemen, Bronislaw Zutart and Wollerian Vwarzkewitz, were honored with the Oaks of Memory.

A tree was planted to commemorate the Vilnius state police officer, Bronislaw Zotar, in the building of the police station in Dubi. Zołotar was born in 1910 in Wasilewszczyzna. After being drafted into the army, he served in the police. He was arrested in 1939, and he was a prisoner in the Ostaskov camp. Like Persky, he died at Kalinin and was buried in Mednoji.

An acorn was planted to honor the state police chief, Walerian Wawrzkiewicz, in the district of the district police headquarters in Szczecin at ul. Wernerhore. It is a reminder of a Lviv officer, who was arrested on November 11, 1939, imprisoned in Lviv and killed in 1940.

Oaks of Remembrance was planted as part of the “Katyn .. Save From Forget” program. The trees are grown not only in Poland, but also, among other things, in Australia, the United States, Russia, Norway, Great Britain, Belarus and Ukraine (PAP).

Author: Elżbieta Bielecka

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