Studio apartment in an old residential house in Krakow requires a fresh look and a suitable zoning of 27 sq.m. The challenge was taken by architect Karol Ciblinsky of Blackhouse Architectural Studio.

The 27m2 apartment has been kept in an agreement of ergonomic simplicity. White dominates the daytime zone, which visually expands the room. The monochrome kitchen, built into one of the walls, is also kept in this color. It is predominantly scattered and simple, the only reference to the classics is the French herringbone parquet floor and the elegant armchair.

The interior is open and bright

At the heart of the studio is a day and night area, consisting of a large bed and dining table with designer chairs, plus an armchair and a secret TV cabinet with a TV set. A gazelle medallion hangs over the bed – a family memento for the apartment owner. Wooden box used as bedside table. The vivid color palette not only makes the space appear larger, but also emphasizes the value of western exposure and natural light.

Not only white

The shower parlor is a surprise and quite the opposite of the daytime zone. Black, geometry and art dominate here. The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer (mural copy) looks out from the ceiling and is reflected in a large, round mirror. There is a black Vasco radiator on the wall that blends in perfectly with the room. The floor is decorated with a natural stone floor arranged with a geometric pattern. In front of the door there is a bright recess with a bathtub.

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Project: Karol Ciepliński, Blackhaus,

Photos: Fot. Partomij Senkovsky

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