Instead of changing rooms that resemble prison cells, there is a relaxation area. In addition to metal lockers and a gallery of school work. Elementary School 6 has undergone a major basement transformation. As part of the renovation process, the basement has been completely modernized.

The lowest floor of the “Millennium” is in the Mujahideen. Starzyński after renovation. SP6’s changing rooms have undergone a comprehensive modernization. The results were praised on Wednesday.

– A few months ago we called this place Alcatraz – Kristina Danilecka-Wojewódzka, Słupsk’s boss, told reporters. – There were toilets from the 1960s that looked like prison rooms alive. Every entrance to the room was strictly prohibited like a safe containing money for education.

– Said Grzegorz Borecki, SP6 Director: – The steel boxes were hideously destroyed. This place did not like a toilet. We decided to change it, and since we are no ordinary school, we wanted it to be exceptional here.

What worked. Instead of bars and chests, there are alleys of modern lockers. Tiles were laid on the floor, and the walls were straightened and smoothed. Most importantly, we managed to find a large area with tables, shelves, and palletized sofas. It is a relaxation area, that is, a resting place for students and teachers.

In practice, an extensive renovation of the lower hall has been carried out. There was also space for an exhibition of student work. The renewal took 80,500 PLN, of which City Hall financing amounted to 60,000 PLN. PLN. Some of the money was donated by the Parents’ Council and the Friends of the Six. As many as 12,000 PLN have been found among pastoralists and individuals.

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Cameras have also been installed in the new toilets. As the school administration confirms, work would not be possible without financial support and the work of the teachers, the people involved, the main contractor and the school supervisors.