Students from Poznan designed and built a rocket. It could go into space, but before that the whole team had to go to the United States. However, there is not enough money for this. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Students from the Pozna University of Technology have designed and built a rocket themselves that can fly at supersonic speed and reach a distance of about 10 kilometers. They want to go with her to conquer the world and compete with the best universities in the Spaceport America Cup, which is being held in the largest private spaceport in the world – in New Mexico, in the United States.

So far, cosmic plans have gone beyond ordinary matters. Because of the epidemic, there was no competition at first, a year ago it was held, but from a distance. And although the students won two awards in the distance competition, there was still a lack of satisfaction. It’s not about racing by standards, but about going into space.

Students from Poznan University of Technology designed and built the rocket themselvesFacebook / PUT Rocketlab

The missile is ready. What has changed is that there is a new combustion chamber, more efficient, we have improved the recovery system that brings the missile back to Earth – explains Bartos Buda, President of PUT Rocketlab.

Students cannot count on the support of the Ministry of Education

The students themselves are brought back to Earth. A rocket that can reach space first has to reach the states, and that’s a cosmic amount for students. – Costs in the range of 180-200 thousand PLN. These costs include the transportation of our several-meter launcher, which, however, weighs itself. Transporting a missile over 4 meters long – explains Bartosz Buda.

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In addition, there are costs related to travel and the participation of many people in the competition. Most of the money was raised by the students themselves, with the help of universities and sponsors. 80,000 zlotys missing. The Ministry of Education and Science decided not to support the project, although it had provided such support in the past.

Students don’t give up – they make money online. The competition is held in two months, but the transportation of the missile launcher should begin in two weeks.

author:Siluya Bystrzynska

Main image source: TVN24