The youngest students, i.e. grades 1-3 from eleven Voivodeship, including Ma includingopolska, will partially return to school – so far only coeducationalists. And the regulations governing this matter were published in the Laws magazine. School principals will decide what tangible learning will look like.

So far, regulations in this regard have allowed schools some freedom in this matter. They have only obligated the school principal to organize the tuition fees according to the following principles:

No more than 50 percent of students have classes in the school building;
At least 50 percent of students take lessons remotely.

Every principal knows best about their school, so we don’t indicate how many days a group of students should be in school, and how many days a group of students should be in school. It is the principal’s decision that will determine the schedule for conducting the classes, taking into account – as far as possible – an equal and alternating division of learning into distant and static postures. Older students will learn from these areas as usual. The operating rules of preschool education institutions are also preserved. Likewise in the case of conservatism. Warmia and Mazury, we are not indicating how many days one group of students should be in school, and how many days the other group should be. The school principal decides that Last March, the ministry clarified when hybrid teaching was supposed to cover four provinces.

Good practices regarding the organization of hybrid teaching are presented by the Ministry of Education itself in a guide for schools. The director’s duties include:

  • Taking into account the local conditions of the school and the organizational capabilities in planning and organizing the classroom and adopting the various variables – some students are in the school, others are remote
  • Divide classes in the school in half and prove that in the first week one group attends full-time classes, and the other group during that time has distance learning – the following week, groups are changed,
  • Breakdown by days – Grades 5 to 6 students receive classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and grades 7 and 8 (grades 1-4 full-time education) take classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
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