The village that decided to blow its nose against the Coronavirus is ideally located in the Hunsrueck mountain range, a stone’s throw from the Moselle River. Half-timbered houses have been restored, a fire brigade and elementary school, and a wonderful church in the center of the village – actually a village like any of the other 30,000 municipalities Germany.

But the 400 residents of Legg are now writing a story that seems so extraordinary that many speak of a “miracle in the Legg”. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 3.25 million people have been infected with the Coronavirus in Germany, and the infection rate in Central Saxony is nearly 437.

The situation is completely different in a village in the Rhineland-Palatinate, where the number of new infections is now zero. And not only today, because there was not a single case of Coronavirus in the League 14 months ago. As if the virus bounced back from the phantom glass dome over the population day after day.

Mayor Lieg Heinz Zilles delivers this amazing story this way. – We have been very fortunate so far, of course the situation is still temporary. Maybe we have a guardian angel somewhere talking, Zels says, we’ll leave this village alone.

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“Miracle in the League” with a media scene

In the office of 57-year-old Zilles, the phone has been ringing for two weeks. When the local newspaper first wrote about the gorgeous village, he had no idea what a huge media meltdown might be heading towards. Since then, reporters have called to ask what Legg is doing differently and better than others. What’s the secret recipe apart from the happiness potion?

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We have a wonderful rural community, and many volunteers who are ready to help at any time. Everyone sees themselves as a part of the Lieg team and joins it Work Zilles explains. Young residents quickly launched the “young for old people” shopping service, the team repeatedly visited the elderly with small gifts, collecting parents from elementary school pieni ± dze For two air filters.

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You have to maintain zero degrees

– What the policy often declares, but what is not implemented, we take our hands – explains proudly the mayor. Lieg is an example of what defines many villages in Germany: people know each other and care about each other. And nobody will likely come up with the idea that with no disease, the virus may not be present at all.

“There is not a single person in Legg who denies the existence of the Coronavirus,” says Zels. “People are reasonable and disciplined, and they accept the fact that we are dealing with a very large-scale global pandemic.”

Although 90 percent of working Lig residents are commuters, the village has not yet been affected by the infection. “Zero must be kept” is an old saying in soccer, only without scoring a goal can you win the match.

But Heinz Zels, in order to stick to the terminology of the sports world, he’s not intentionally raising the ball. We do not consider it a competition, God forbid. It can always happen that we will not be able to maintain a zero result, nobody is to blame – comments.

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Vacation apartments cannot be rented

If Martin Weil advertises his vacation rentals with no risk factor for Lieg, the demand for his four apartments is likely to be more than before. His agricultural tourist farm “Landhof Lieg” attracts visitors with its hiking trails, Icelandic riders and the most beautiful suspension bridge in Germany. But as of November 2, Weil can no longer rent rooms Tourists. Reason: regulations related to Coronavirus. This is despite the small number of cases of Coronavirus.

– I am always a little torn, because on the one hand, holiday apartments are pre-determined to receive guests in a contact-free and hassle-free manner. On the other hand, do we want people who come from an area with an infection rate 300Here they rest? ”

The Legg miracle also includes the fact that no one wants to be the first to transmit the virus to the village. Even Martin Weil, despite all the emergency aid, the pandemic threatens its existence. So all the media hype about Lieg might have a good thing too. “Maybe people will remember it and new guests will come,” Will hopes.

Coronavirus test point is also in LEG

A stone’s throw from Martin Weil’s farm is the little Hunsrueck Square that will help keep Lieg’s zero from Saturday. All residents can take a test once a week in the afternoon between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., and will get the result a few minutes later. Everything was organized by the local fire brigade, specifically Fire Chief Thomas Wickert. When people heard about it, the reaction was very positive. No one said, “We don’t need it,” quite the opposite. Wickert says people are happy to have a test center on site. Every Saturday, eight firefighters will work with the Red Cross to see if Legg’s incredible story continues.

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Heinz Zilles even has an idea if Lieg zero can be kept until late summer, making the happy ending almost perfect. – If we can get out of the epidemic without any infection, there will be a big village party here – he plans.

Author: Oliver Bieber

The article from Seruiso Deutsche Welle.

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