Update: Microsoft He is the fittest Liquid dysplasia. The patch will be available on all Windows 10 PCs within the next 24 hours.

Last week, Microsoft udostêpni³ Mandatory patch KB5001330 for Windows 10. Update 114 introduced a security fix, but also added several performance issues. As a result, many games run less smoothly than they did before installing the patch. This prompted Nvidia employees to suggest uninstalling it.

How We mentioned beforeInternet users complain about blue screens, user profile errors, and problems with installed games. During gameplay, you can not only experience low frames per second but also more serious problems ?? Including a complete cessation of address. Sounds of dissatisfaction have reached Nvidia. Appeared on the official forum of the concern EntryWhere employees are suggesting to restore Windows 10 to the condition it was in before the unfortunate upgrade. This should temporarily alleviate gaming problems.

Microsoft is already working on patches for the Unlucky Update. However, it is not known when exactly it will be delivered to Windows 10 users.

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