Sports broadcasting platform InStat TV will celebrate its debut in Poland on September 24th.

InStat TV is operated by InStat, which was founded in 2007 by sports journalist Alexander Ivansky in Russia and currently offers its clients (clubs, associations, leagues, agencies and athletes) advanced statistical platforms and analytical reports in the fields of basketball, football, futsal, ice hockey, handball and live sports . In Poland, it will initially provide viewers with coverage of basketball matches in the Energa Basket League for women and the Suzuki 1 for men after acquiring the rights to both competitions from the Polish Basketball Association for at least two seasons.

Initially, Jacek Osadnik, InStat Country Director, said: “After several months of negotiations and preparations, I can proudly announce that the sports broadcasting platform InStat TV will also be available in Poland. At first we start with the basketball games. We thank our partner, the Polish Basketball Association, on his trust.”

He added, “We are currently negotiating with several leagues and leagues to add additional league games to InStat TV, so I believe we can announce more partnerships soon. We are also inviting other leagues and leagues to collaborate. Our goal is to bring together all the leagues and sports that are not broadcast live from the programs.” TV and major platforms in one place. This is the only way to ensure monetization of this type of sports content, as fragmentation of such games on many sites is now a huge problem for many associations.”

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InStat TV will be available at, and soon also in a special app for tablets, mobile phones and smart TVs. Access to games is sold as part of at least three types of packages: Single Game, Club Package, and League Package. The games are produced in two standards, with one or four cameras, with full graphics (score, playing time) and commentary. The global sports platform is not currently planning to launch linear sports channels. However, this does not preclude obtaining permission to sub-license some competitions in the future.