Frogwares answered questions from eagerly awaited fans, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. The creators are still not ready for a larger game presentation, but the revealed details confirm – a great game is being prepared.

Sherlock Holmes: The first chapter was announced last year The developers intend to introduce the game in 2021. We met recently Initial information on the size of the projectAnd now the developers have decided to provide all the necessary details.

Police puzzle fans will be given five main tasks, namely It will take 12-15 hours to complete, But there are more than 30 additional missions in production and it will take 40-50 hours to complete all challenges.

The creators focus on several comprehensive mechanics, so the game will provide disguise and customization, and after completing the first thread, we will have access to the open world. In Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, we will be free to choose and execute the tasks as we see fit. As I mentioned in the introduction, we still have to wait for the gameplay, however The developers provided the voice of the main character.

As you can see, Frogwares has plans to develop the brand which I believe should appeal to fans of the universe.