From July 7 to 12, the festival will take place at the papal altar in Stary Sącz. It’s a getaway paired with holiday rest, which this year will take place both stationary and online. The festival is a meeting of people who want to build their lives on the basis of the gospel. Organizers of the six-day event have reported that more than 1,000 people will participate. There are one last job vacancies left.

As the organizers wrote on the event website, “The Glory Zone is a time full of praise and daily Eucharist. Good music and prayer provide space for growth for everyone. During the retreat, a group called Strefa Glwaa, composed of Polish Christian musicians, brings participants closer to truth, goodness and beauty. Retreats. It’s a space for whole families. Games, fun and family competitions are a great integration for the entire Glory Zone.”

Numerous seminars, conferences and performances by famous musicians await the participants who will meet between July 7 and 12 at Babiski Square in Stary Such. The festival will include, among others, Archbishop Andrzej Jeż, Archbishop Artur Wałski, Dariusz Kowalski, Natalia Kawalec, Sr. Tomash Kuprianyuk, Marcin Zelensky, Sr. Wojciech Węgrzyniak, Marek Jurek, and Stanisława Iżyk-Dekowska.

The organizers want everyone to find something for themselves during the event. With the youngest participants in mind, the Kids Fame Zone was created, of which many games and artistic activities were planned as part. For young people, Young Fame Zone is organized with workshops, during which you will be able to improve your artistic, figurative, music, acting and sound skills under the supervision of creators and artists.

During Glory Zone, the festival will also include the so-called Diocesan Worship Lab – the Heart of Jesus of Infinite Majesty. The meeting will begin on Sunday 10 July at 7:30 pm at the papal altar in Stary Sącz. The laboratory will be run by Archbishop Artur Wazni and the New Life’M team.

The festival is organized by the Muza Dei Association in cooperation with the Diocese of Tarnów and the Stary Sącz commune.

You can still register for the event on the website:

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