Djokovic played his toughest match at Wimbledon this year. He struggled for three hours and 36 minutes with 20-year-old Italian Yannick Sener. But at the crucial moment, he did not disappoint.

The first set did not portend problems for the six-time Wimbledon winner. Sinner started the game poorly. Djokovic took advantage of the weakness and hesitation of the Italians in the crucial moments. The Serbian was already leading 4:1 and had a break point at 5:1. The competitor, who was 14 years younger than him, defended himself with the service.

It was a turning point in the group. The sinner took the lead. Djokovic started making surprising mistakes. The Italian played with more confidence, more regularity, and better.

Moments later, the defending champion broke two years ago and easily won the match with his pass. Instead of 5:1 it was 4:4. It was clear that Sinner was on his way to success. Very cool, he understood that he was facing a great opportunity. use it. He only lost one gem. In less than an hour, he won the set 7:5.

Out of four matches at Wimbledon this year, Djokovic lost two sets – in the first round with the Korean Sunwoo Kwon And in the fourth with the Dutch Tim van Reethoven. He never lost two sets in any match. Win – despite small crises – with confidence. It looked as if he had more serious problems with Sener.

In the second set, the Serbian could not find a way to deal with his opponent very sensibly. Erroneous confirmed high service model. Perhaps he won the matches he succeeded in – the first two without losing a point.

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He is also surprised to be ranked with “one” returns. Djokovic broke twice. He won the second set easier. Gave two games. The sensation was in the air.

The Serbs had a lot to lose. He did not win a Grand Slam this year, and it is not known if he will start at the US Open. Wimbledon will likely remain his only chance to win a series of prestigious tournaments.

In the third set, he played without any mental strain. As if nothing bad had happened before. He changed the tempo, put pressure on his opponent, forcing him to make mistakes. He exudes confidence, routine and experience.

In the fourth game he broke the opponent’s serve. He got his first balls with a score of 5:2. He didn’t use them. But in the next match, thanks to his own service, he easily finished the group.

Djokovic was another. A true favorite to win not only the match but also the championship. In the fourth set, the 20-year-old Italian quickly gained a safe advantage. He was leading 4-0, although the two games Sinner broke were very strong.

Italy did not give up. He won what he could and tried to win the match against a pass from a reputable opponent. He almost finished the match prematurely. 5-2 break point, fell into the net. Hold his ankle. Djokovic himself was terrified. He walked to the other side of the grid. Senr got up, limped, and signaled that he was going to continue playing. However, he lost this match and set 2:6.

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Tennis players played four sets in three hours. The fifth was the shortest, lasting almost 40 minutes. Djokovic used his break point almost immediately. It was 2:1 and then 3:1 for the Serbs.

The last leader in the arrangement was playing freely, was restored, and sometimes presented himself with plays that delighted the audience. Perhaps he was heading towards victory. Break the sinner’s service again (in 5:2). He won the last match without losing a point.

Djokovic confirmed his class with this match. He’s a great candidate to play in the final and win the entire tournament.

Olgerd Kwiatkowski

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