The creators of the new screen modification of “Akademia Pana Kleksa” organize a casting for children aged 11-13 with motor disabilities. Applications can be submitted until July 7.

The authors of the film emphasize that an important component is the educational aspect – the Mr. Clix Academy will be an international school, where children from all over the world will learn.

“We make a film for children, we do not persuade schools to go to cinemas, because they read, we want them to watch it two or three times, because it is great entertainment. The educational aspect that we offer is modern and trendy. Innovative as a whole. Production ”- confirms the film’s director and producer Maciej Kawulski.

The filmmakers organize the selection of actors for children between the ages of 11 and 13 who have severe physical disabilities. Requirements – as stated in the advertisement – a smile, passion and the will to rush through life.

Applications can be sent by July 7, 2022 to the following email address: [email protected]. The casting was under the welfare of the Avalon Foundation, which has been working with people with disabilities for more than 15 years.

Jan Brzeshua’s Academy for Mr. Clix is ​​a story about growth, overcoming weaknesses, the power of cooperation, and the power of imagination. It is also a story about an unusual school, located in the district of Chikoladova, where 12-year-old Adaz Nezhudka goes with twenty-four other boys. The school is run by eccentric teacher Ambrose Clix, who is also a magician and adventurer.

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The new screen adaptation of “Akademia Pana Kleksa” is a modernized version of Brzechwa’s novel, intended to appeal to the younger in its content and form, but also to engage in dialogue with older viewers who still remember the cult quote from the 1980s with Piotr Fronczewski as Ambro Kleks.

The new production will be divided into two parts. Polish viewers will see the first show at the end of 2023 (PAP)

Author: Agata Zbieg

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