The pandemic and lockdown caused many people to lose direct contact with their loved ones for weeks or even months. Instant messaging and remote meetings have come to our aid, but they are only a substitute for a real encounter with another person.

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This is where technology comes in handy. During the conference Google I / O 2021, the company from Mountain View, has presented a project that aims to take online meetings to a whole different level. Starline Project, Because we’re talking about it is a “3D booth” straight out of science fiction movies.

Google’s engineers used a series of cameras and sensors to create accurate 3D models of people talking to each other, giving them the impression of being in the same place. This is similar to a conversation with a hologram, which was illustrated well in the video above.

To make this experience possible, we use research in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, ambient sound, and real-time compression. We have also developed a Super Light Field Display system that provides a sense of volume and depth that can be experienced without the need for additional glasses or headphones.

Explanation of the project creators.

Google confirms that Project Starline is currently only available in a small number of company offices and relies on “non-standard, highly specialized equipment”. However, the company makes it clear that as the technology continues to evolve, it will want – at least in part – to implement it in consumer products.

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