get ready the changes in the subscription humble choice. To simplify, only one subscription option will be offered (instead of the previous few), and we will pay $11.99 for it, which is about 48 zlotys. For this amount, we will be able to access all the games offered in a given month, rather than choosing some of them. However, the number of productions in single and monthly groups will not be constant. The subscription will also provide discounts in the Humble Store, the higher the cost of the subscription without interruption (maximum 20%).

The changes will take effect from February of this year. Subscribers will also have access to a growing library of games called Humble Games Collection. It will be launched with the following new titles:

Access to games from Humble Games Collection will only be possible through the new Humble client and with an active subscription only. Without a paid subscription, we won’t be playing these products, unlike Humble Choice, where we get permanent games.

It is worth noting that even now subscribers can use the collection of games as part of the so-called modest trove. These products can be downloaded to your hard drive and continue to run even after you cancel your subscription. The games in this library, which will be renamed Humble Vault, will be downloaded through the client. It will not have DRM protection, so it will be possible to continue the fun even without a subscription.


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