Zakhar Boucharov, PR manager at GSC Game World, announced that STALKER 2 will be a game for hundreds of hours.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Bocharov did not mention the exact number, but he made it clear that the continuation of the popular game after the apocalypse will contain a lot of content.

It will take a long time to complete, even if we focus only on the main plot of land, but if we do engage in exploration and side activities, it may turn out that we spend hundreds of hours in the area.

“It is a very long game, even if we are only talking about the main plot,” declared Pacharov. “However, if you explore and complete more side quests, you can spend up to hundreds of hours with it.”

In the same interview, Bacharov announced that STALKER 2 will only be available on new generation computers and controllers, since older devices simply will not meet their hardware requirements.

As you know, STALKER 2 will be released – at least initially – only in a version for the PC and Xbox Series X consoles | S. GSC Game World has reached an agreement with Microsoft, according to which the game will be included in the Game Pass service for the premiere.

At the moment, no release is planned on the PlayStation 5, although it cannot be ruled out that it will be developed sometime after the premiere. And this, let us remind you, will take place this year.